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Cortland Halloween Spaghetti Dinner!

Wowza! We had a great turn out from our community, and we were so proud to share a meal with all who came. Thank you so much for those who stayed to eat and those who grabbed and took home. We had a 140% increase of attendance over our last dinner and to say we were excited about that would be an understatement. We are so pleased to be able to share our event space in a way that provides opportunities for families to gather, enjoy and be comfortable in a safe and warm place.

Providing that space is a responsibility that we do not take lightly. We know as Elks one of our primary missions is to cultivate safe and family-friendly activities. It is a crucial element to our nationwide dedication to the prevention of use and abuse of drugs. You may be wondering how a thank you post turned into a PSA on drug use, but we are truly dedicated to helping eradicate the scourge that drugs like Heroin and Methamphetamine have on our communities. If it touches one of us, it touches us all. Which means we are all in this fight for individuals and families together.

We will continue to proudly share our space with Cortland and her residents when called upon to do so. We are grateful for your support with large family-friendly events like the Cortland Halloween Parade.

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